Hypnotherapy Healing is committed to providing the best in customer service. I offer professional and friendly assistance to my clients for whatever they may need. That is why I am proud of my continued success in satisfying one client after the other. Don’t just take my word for it – be sure to read through my client testimonials, and you’ll see why I am regarded as one of the best in the profession!

I was recommended to Rowena through a friend. I had tried to give up smoking before without success. I was smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day. Working in the health care industry I was aware of how harmful cigarettes were to my health and had decided to give them up once and for all. Rowena recommended two sessions. After the first session I felt motivated to keep cigarettes out of my life. The second session was to reinforce my desire and motivation to remain a non smoker. Hypnotherapy along with my determination and willpower has enabled me to enjoy life without the constant desire for a cigarette. I have more energy. I feel stronger and more capable of coping with any situation that life brings my way. I feel proud of myself and I love having the extra money to spend on the good things in life.

Thanks again.

C.I. Burleigh Heads.

Rowena- just a quick message to let you know that my holiday was good, flying was ok I did everything you told me and it helped heaps. I still was a bit scared, but I wasn’t as bad as before so thankyou so so very much.

M.A. Farrants Hill.

As a long term, daily marijuana smoker I decided to try hypnotherapy to stop this addiction. I wanted to change my lifestyle and not be trapped into the daily usage of marijuana. I made an appointment to come and see Rowena. I had one session with Rowena. Along with my determination and the hypnotherapy I have remained marijuana free. It has been six months now and I am very happy with the results.

T.W. Southport.

I had a a dreadful fear of blood tests and for my health had to have some. I just could not go to the blood lab for 2 years my fear was so great. Then my Dr said that I had to have one. I looked up Hypnotherapists in my area and discovered Rowena Lancaster..I am so so pleased that I did. After only one session with this compassionate, lovely expert I went to have a blood test. No fear, no sweaty palms, no fainting I actually felt totally in control and fearless. Thank you Rowena for helping me overcome this fear that was actually affecting my health.

H. T. Main Beach.

I had read many self help books and sought counselling and was still struggling to resolve some of my deeper, more resistant self esteem issues. So I thought I would give Hypnotherapy a go. What surprised me most was that these issues that had been with me from childhood and had stopped me from doing so many things could almost disappear in the space of a couple of hours! I was crazy not to have done it sooner.

Thank you Rowena for creating such a positive and powerful change in my life and my future.

R.D. Coolangatta.

I had recently undergone a relationship breakup, the effects of this were still affecting me in a negative way. I was feeling pretty low at this point and felt as if I was unable to move forward with my life in a positive way. I decided to try hypnotherapy. When I initially rang Rowena, I found her to be straight forward, down to earth, and easy to communicate with. Her positive attitude made me feel instantly hopeful that my life could change. I felt there was ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’. After one session with Rowena I felt the most positive I had felt in a long time. I felt stronger and more able to cope with the ongoing pressure that my previous partner was still enacting on my life. I saw Rowena two weeks after the first session and was renewed with conviction in staying strong to my resolution to end the self destructing relationship I had been involved in. I felt stronger, determined, and motivated to be true to myself. I was able to successfully put an end to that chapter in my life. Hypnotherapy has been a major boost to my self- esteem, my positive outlook on life and my general wellbeing.

Thank you Rowena – you are a Godsend.
J.D. Surfers Paradise.

It had become a habit to have a drink (actually more than one) with my husband more and more nights and to really have a binge when socialising with friends, even sometime just by myself. I could abstain but sometimes when I was having a good time I just did have too much and I was hating the side effects. I saw Rowena for support with reducing my alcohol intake. She was non -judgemental, supportive, understanding and confident that she could help me. After one session of hypnotherapy she did! I have not felt the need to drink even when my husband offers me one and I have my limit which I can stop at without hesitstion. Our minds are very powerful and I am so glad I met Rowena as she has helped me harness and use some of that mind power to make my life happier and healthier. I wish I had met her sooner.
Thank you Rowena
C.M. Tweed Heads.