Do you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or stress?

Do you feel Apprehensive? Scared? Embarrassed?

Do your children feel anxious, nervous, overwhelmed by everyday expectations?

 Then Hypnotherapy can help you or your children alleviate these debilitating thoughts, feelings and the way you are living and experiencing life RIGHT NOW.

  •  Does your heart rate accelerate?

  •  Hands sweaty?

  •  Butterflies in your stomach?

  •  Negative thoughts going around in your mind?

If you answered yes – then ring me today on 0402 181 153

 Lets work together to allow you to move forward, having gained some techniques and skills to live the life you deserve feeling empowered, strong, and confident.

Hi Rowena, Just wanted to touch base with you after our session and tell you how fantastic I feel,  I feel the best I’ve felt in a long long time, I have been out to our new property and put in a vegie garden, I’m communicating better with my husband and children and I just feel happier.  I’m so glad I came and saw you-Thankyou and send you 1000 good wishes.