Hypnotherapy Services


Addictions:                  Smoking Cigarettes, Marijuana, Alcohol, Gambling

Fears:                             Flying, Dogs, Birds, Lifts, Needles, Crowds, Hospitals

Confidence:                   Self confidence, self esteem, self worth


Self Improvement:      Motivation, Public Speaking, Positive Thinking


plus many more please ring me on 0402 181 153 to find out if I can help you


Thankyou Rowena for giving me the tools to work with after having a tremendous fear of lifts for many years which had a huge effect on my life, I can now use these tools to feel the freedom from anxiety and fear everyday.  I can now travel on holidays and enjoy my life in a better way without such debilitating anxiety, you have changed my life tremendously in just a short while…I Thankyou from the bottom of my heart and so does my husband and family.


I had a great time overseas with no nerves or panic with such long flights to the UK and back, thankyou, thankyou, take care