Hypnotherapy Services

Rowena also offers tailored hypnotherapy sessions for a wide range of other issues, such as addictions and phobias, as well as offering self-improvement techniques to help your confidence and motivation.

Helping You Help Yourself

It’s not just common issues such as smoking or weight loss that hypnotherapy can help with, there are plenty of other reasons why it could be beneficial to you. From specific phobias that make everyday occurrences hard to deal with, to more general confidence or self-esteem issues, Rowena can help you address these issues and overcome them.

Proven Techniques & Fast Results

Many people have already seen the benefits of hypnotherapy – see below or the testimonials page for some examples! Rowena can help your situation with just one session. There’s no time-wasting at an extra cost to you, and she can get to the bottom of your issues while giving specialist techniques to aid you going forward.

Here are just some of the issues Rowena’s hypnotherapy sessions can help with:

Addictions:                  Smoking Cigarettes, Marijuana, Alcohol, Gambling

Fears:                             Flying, Dogs, Birds, Lifts, Needles, Crowds, Hospitals

Confidence:                   Self confidence, self esteem, self worth

Self Improvement:      Motivation, Public Speaking, Positive Thinking

plus many more please ring me on 0402 181 153 to find out if I can help you



Thankyou Rowena for giving me the tools to work with after having a tremendous fear of lifts for many years which had a huge effect on my life, I can now use these tools to feel the freedom from anxiety and fear everyday. I can now travel on holidays and enjoy my life in a better way without such debilitating anxiety, you have changed my life tremendously in just a short while…I Thankyou from the bottom of my heart and so does my husband and family.
I had a great time overseas with no nerves or panic with such long flights to the UK and back, thankyou, thankyou, take care


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.
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