10 worst ingredients in cigarettes

The top 10 worst ingredients in cigarettes were identified in a list submitted to the United States Department of Health and Human Services during 1994.
The list of additives in cigarettes was compiled using information submitted by five major tobacco corporations: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Philip Morris, Liggett Group, Brown and Williamson and the American Tobacco Company.
The list includes 599 additives. Since burning alters chemical compositions, more than 4K are created when cigarettes are burned. Among the […]

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Advantages of stopping smoking

Stop Smoking Today with Hypnosis

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Coping with Anxiety


Coping with AnxietyAnxiety happens to everyone. It can occur in new situations, testing or assessments, performance evaluations, competition and even asking something of another. Some may continue to feel anxious even after the nerve-wracking activity has ended. It can manifest as a “gut feeling” or as physical symptoms, such as sweating and rapid […]

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Welcome to Hypnotherapy Healing

I hope to bring you all some great information, some funny excerpts, some motivational sayings and hope you all enjoy my blog. Always think positively – even when you get handed lemons in life make then into lemonade and enjoy.

Regards, Rowena

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Health Care Rebates

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